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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Strikingly Similar

Ryan called me the other night and said he had to share a funny story with me. He works for Tesla/SolarCity during the off season when he's not selling Christmas trees. As part of his job, they have him go to Home Depot twice a week to man a booth.  While there, he was talking with an older woman (around 60?) who was working a booth next to him. After they told each other their names, she said to him "I'll remember your name because my son's name is Ryan." He said "I'll remember your name because my Mom's name is Joan. She asked him if he had any siblings. He said that he has a brother named Eric. She said, "no way, my other son's name is Eric." They discovered that both Ryan's were 6'3" and both Eric's were 6'2". Ryan said "don't tell me you have a twin." She said "I do! I have an identical twin sister" and she proceeded to pull out a picture of the two of them. Curious if her twin's name was the same as my twin, he asked for the name. She said "it is Jean". Close, but no cigar. Jean and Jane use the same letters though.

I thought this story was hilarious. So many coincidental similarities that it is crazy. I wonder if her parents are named Paul & Lois. I don't think Ryan asked her that question.

Smile, life is Good!

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