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Monday, May 8, 2017

75 Generations Back

Last Thursday at the end of my visit to Dr. Howard (my chiropractor) he pulled me into his office to show me  something he had found on his line of genealogy. I thought..."this must be good if he is going to all of this trouble to show me." Well, it WAS good. I couldn't believe what I saw.  He showed me this screen shot of his 75th generation back. 

I know it is hard to see, but at the left are the names of Saint Joseph Ben Jacob and Mary Bint -  the actual Joseph & Mary, parents of Jesus Christ. Marriage date says 0001 BC in Nazareth, Israel. Mary's birth date says 0018 BC. I had no idea a line could go back this least I had never seen it before. I was pretty amazed.

Here is a zoomed shot that is easier to see.

Dr. Howard told me that his desire to do genealogy just took a giant leap forward. I can see why. Janice told me that our line goes back to Ol' King Cole. Could it be true? I thought he was just a nursery rhyme.

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